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The son of an ex-Mennonite tobacco farmer and an ex-Navy pool man, Micah Enloe is a creature forever traveling through colliding foreign worlds.

His sanity has remained through the guidance of foamy-mouthed angels and his love affair with writing about everything – often running away with his sweaty, muscley journal to places like Yellowstone and Alaska, camping together with wild pregnant bison and psychotic grizzly bears.

After streaking at FSU for an English degree, mojito-ing in Miami for an MBA, and slaving away at an ad agency thereafter, he then taught and wrote in South Korea for a few years and explored the wild, wild East, including incredible, inedible India, Thailand, Cambodia, Japan, and the Philippines. On his travels he wrote multiple memoirs, one of which was published, American Cream.

After editing on Park Avenue for a few years, copywriting for an ad agency on the side, and writing a surreal fiction novel, Park Avenue Purgatory, he packed his Prius and roamed to the land of palm trees, hot men, and smoggy-mouthed angels. Recently finishing a full length dark comedy screenplay, two TV pilots, and improv classes at The Groundlings, Micah Enloe is a now a full time freelance copywriter, freelance script writer, freelance weird-ass video maker, swimmer, and gym-er. 

His lifetime, continuous goal is to get paid to ramble about everything and travel around the world in search of the perfect piece of land, on which he will build a tiny home on stilts, grow sloths, and murder vegetables just like his culty-drunken ancestors – except with wifi, a green roof, weights, and drone masseurs. 

He’s especially skilled with a genre he invented called manly, hairy-chested cupcake, with hidden mysterious blue-glitter-spices, and sweet boiling bison blood sprinkled on top, a.k.a. so-honest-and-wrong-yet-random-that-it-becomes-deliciously-awkward-and-right.

드세요 Duh Say Yo / Please Eat.